How to be Happy


  1. Go for a long walk.
    Winter Robin Hood's Bay Wildflowers
  2. Appreciate the unpredictability of life
    Floating candles The Unexpected Kitten
  3. Try and learn something new each day
    York's cat trail Cambridge Museum of Zoology The mystery of Lanzarote Prince Henry the Navigator
  4. Bake a cake
     Pretty buns Pink, chocolatey goodness Daisy lemon cake Autumnal maple syrup cake Profiteroles
  5. Makes the most of the weather
    The best day out in York (feat. cats) Sunny Days
  6. Travel somewhere new
    Lanzarote Thailand Paris Portugal
  7. Identify the everyday things that make you smile
     Feeling blue, seeing pink Isn't it great, the introduction Isn't it great.. part 2 Giant Pumpkins
  8. Help yourself by helping others
    Charity shopping and cheeriness
  9. Treat yourself to something special
    Real therapy vs. retail therapy Lovely hair 
  1. Don't do something that doesn't feel right, just because it's what everyone expects...
  2. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed by feeling insignificant 
  3. Don't take cake too seriously
  4. Stop thinking fringes are a good idea
  5. Don't ever go down without a fight! 
  6. Don't be rude to people 
  7. Jump to conclusions 
  8. Don't expect miracles


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