I know the internet is full of blogs from people who seem to be just like me and I don't expect everyone to find what I write about interesting, but for me this blog is very important...

Ever since I was diagnosed with depression and an anxiety disorder I have been looking for an outlet to express the various difficulties and emotions attached to living with this illness. Rather than writing a diary for myself, I hoped that writing it online for everyone to read would help eliminate the stigma and negative perception of mental illnesses. Also, many informative websites and leaflets suggest logging your 'negative and positive thinking' so that you can try to identify what triggers your different moods and work upon eliminating the bad ones.

I know that there are so many lovely things in life that make it worth living and it's time for me to stop being so miserable and open my eyes to these beautiful things. Then maybe the next time i'm feeling down I will recall all these amazing building blocks that actually make up the wonderful life I know I have and finally chase away the negative, foggy thoughts that populate my mind. I hope, anyway.

Also, I've been told it's good to have a hobby or interest to keep you distracted so this can be my new project! I would like a profession associated with writing when I am older and I have a place at Cambridge University to study English in 2014. This was deferred entry partly to give me time to get healthier so that this time when I go to University I can make the success of it I know I am capable of! I also love taking photos of things that grab my attention, all the photos on here are my own.

Thanks for reading and I hope my little scribbles of what makes me smile and what makes me frown will perhaps give a little bit of hope and light to someone else!
Flowers in my window make me smile.

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