Thursday, 14 November 2013

Letters from Thailand

These are the 'notes' I wrote home to all loved ones while I was travelling in Thailand in April 2013. After much hassle with cameras and memory cards and all sorts of technical stuff that drives me crazy, I have finally managed to upload all my beautiful photos of this vibrant, varied and colourful country onto my laptop and I wanted to share them on here.

I took so many photos, which almost tell the story of my travels themselves, but to narrate my thoughts and feelings at the time I have attached the words I wrote all those months ago.

Looking back now it makes me both incredibly happy to think about these wonderful memories I had the opportunity to make, but also sad because I felt so content whilst travelling... at home I always feel restless and confused.

But I should be travelling again very soon... watch this space!


3 April 2013 at 11:11

I am very proud of myself right now as I have just sat through two 7 hour flights without crying, hyperventilating or squeezing someone's hand to a pulp, which is just as well as I doubt the Philippines man next to me would appreciate this seeing as he flinched every time my arm brushed his. This is a good first step in a trip which for me is all about growing a backbone and finally growing up!

So far my unexpected gap year has felt more like just falling down a gap. All through school you have guidance and a plan and know what's coming next so it is quite difficult to suddenly find yourself looking forward and not seeing anything, or at least not with any certainty. Booking this trip to Thailand has given me something to look ahead to since dropping out of Uni and is a really big challenge as quite a few people know I am very dependent on others in order to feel happy and safe and so I think it's time I grew a back bone, and where better to man up than in Bangkok!?

The second flight sat on the runway for over an hour as there was an incident, which happened to be right next to me. A tiny old Thai man putting his heavy suitcase in the overhead storage dropped it on a large, black, American woman's head. He then laughed which prompted the woman to do a whole lot of stereotypical 'OH no you didn't'. The little Thai man then ran away and hid somewhere, leading to a 45 minute search by all the plane staff to find him. Some Asian guy did the whole 'Make way I'm a doctor!' to see to the woman. And the woman's equally aggressive sister proceeded to interrogate us all into where the little Thai man was hiding.

Since watching LOST, whenever I'm on a plane I imagine the plane crashing and us all becoming survivors on an island and I try and judge what we'd be like as a community. Following this incident I was reallllly hoping the plane didn't crash.

I'm now in Bangkok with the rest of the group and our leader who is called Meaw but it's pronounced Meow like a cat and this makes me smile.

It's unbelievably hot and I'm melting but it's amazing and such a culture shock, but in a good way.

I'm yet to brave Thai food, but there's a KFC just in case.

This is the easiest way to keep in touch with everyone so hopefully I will be able to find Wifi in the other hostels too.

Much love x


4 April 2013 at 11:59

Today started with the hotel's buffet breakfast. The hot food options consisted of rice and 'chicken sausage' rather than bacon and beans so I just stook to the watermelon. I then went outside to take some photos of the statues of gods. To show respect they had been given food and drink also, however they'd been given pancakes and grape Fanta which I never would've considered the 'food of gods', so I'm certainly learning about the culture.
We then walked down to the river through the bustling crowds meaning I passed so many cute, skinny cats which I'm not allowed to play with in case they have rabies. Next we got to go on these long river boats which take you down the river at a fast speed and the water splashing on your face is so refreshing and peaceful. Little old women row down the river along side of you selling you souvenirs and fried food off their tiny little boats which is rather surreal.
We've then spent the rest of the day visiting all the temples including the grand palace which is just beautiful. Everywhere you looks there's bright colours and golden plating, it's overwhelming. Parts of the palace you're not allowed to take photos as well which at first was frustrating but now I actually quite like it, as it means you have to go there to see it and that's quite special nowadays what with the internet and that. The heat is verging on unbearable and so staying decently clothed was quite a challenge but understandable as even whilst we were there there are monks worshipping. Meaw told us it's very important we don't touch them at all as if we do they have to go home and wash, and of course whenever you're told not to do something you want to do it more so its been very hard not to run up and hug one.
In one of the temples there was a long line of metal bowls and if you paid a donation you were given a pot full of coins and you had to walk along the line and drop a coin in each of the bowls and then you can make a wish. Back home I'm the sort of person who tells myself if I tap all the lamposts, or something like that, something good will happen and if I don't it's bad luck, so this wish bowl thing was right up my street.
I also came across a huge gold buddha and sneakily rubbed it's fat tummy when noone was looking so I should have some good luck soon!
I got a tuk tuk back home which is insane as they just drive wherever they want and they were all racing each other and they don't stop for anything. Not very safe but very fun!
Going to upload some photos now hopefully! That's all for now but we're all off out tonight so who knows what could happen!
Love x

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