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Letters from Thailand, part two

Read Part one here.


6 April 2013 at 12:22
Yesterday we got up bright and early and I was brave enough to try the pancakes for breakfast because if they're good enough for buddha then they're good enough for me I suppose.
We then got a coach out of bangkok where I managed to get a quick cat nap as the night before we experienced the Bangkok nightlife! Khao san road is just electric and every one instantly becomes best friends with each other, regardless of nationality. There's no generic small talk of 'what A levels did you do' or 'where do you work', it's more like 'have you eaten a scorpion yet?'. Music fills the streets and eventually so do drunken people, dancing between the carts selling fresh mango and fried noodles... I chose mango over scorpion as a midnight snack. 
We arrived in Ayutthaya in the afternoon and almost instantly set off on a boat trip which revealed to us all the amazing ancient ruins this city holds. It's hotter here but less humid and definitely less touristy so this was a really nice chance to just catch our breath. We then spent the evening by the riverside in a tiny restaurant where I discovered how much nicer the green curry is here than at home, sorry Mum. Best of all I didn't get bitten by mosquitos.
This morning breakfast was simply toast as the hotel staff don't understand english and just assumed we'd all want toast. It tasted like brioche and the butter was orange so not the best.
We've spent the entire day cycling around Attuthaya visiting the various temples which are now ruins due to the Burmese people burning them down in their last war, all the statues are decapitated also so this was quite sad as they must've been so incredible. The bikes were rickety and old and mine had a wonky wheel like when you get a shopping trolley that has a life of its own. It had a basket though and some jazzy stickers stuck all over it so I was happy. The traffic in Thailand is manic so suddenly cycling on the side of the road was a bit daunting, little mopeds go whizzing past you beeping their horns and flash landrovers kept cutting my off, but it was so much fun once you forgot how dangerous it is. At one point we all had to slam our breaks on as a bus was parked up in the road, I then noticed this was because people were sticking their arms out to pet an elephant just casually walking down the path. Turns out there was a place nearby offering elephant rides so now we were cycling with the traffic on one side of us and a massive elephant on the other.
The final temple we visited was one that's still intact and the monks splashed water over my head to bless me and I lit a candle and it was very serene. I also donated 20BHT because we were told that if you donate money you get to make a wish. Thailand throws out wishes everywhere it seems.
Tonight we catch the night bus to Chiang Mai to start our adventures in the jungle. Very excited!
That's all for now! Might not have wifi in the jungle as we're staying in a bamboo shack, but who knows.
Love x

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