Wednesday, 9 October 2013

giant pumpkins

Things that made me smile this past fortnight:

1. The new perspex in the garden playing with the setting sunlight

2. ...and better still, the moonlight

3. The pattern the rain made on the car windows, they look like trees in an illustrated forest

 3. The evening sky at Robin Hood's Bay

 4. The ginger cat sat next to lamppost there.

5. Getting up early on the mornings to go swimming

6. Painting my nails like a little kid

7. The red roses in the hallway

8. The pink rose left on our doorstep

9. The leaves on my house turning bright scarlet

10. The winding servant's staircase at Bennigbrough Hall

11. This tree of ribbons hiding in the gardens at Benningbrough Hall

12. Best of all: the biggest pumpkin I've ever had the honour of meeting

Things that made me sad:

1. The tempting grapes in the walled garden. My mum said it was rude to eat one, but they looked too juicy not to. It tasted horrific.

2. I love the golden, rusty leaves, but the bare, naked trees make me sad.

3. This baboon's mutilated behind.

4. My dear Heather flying off to Canada for a year. I miss her too much already.

There's definitely more 'smilies' than 'frownies', but losing heath from my life, along with all my other friends who have gone to university, is a big frownie. It's gonna take a lot of giant pumpkins to replace her in my heart.

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