Monday, 19 August 2013

Crisp and golden

Autumn is upon us. 
I have seen the signs... Everything is going crispy.

Happy Ruby playing in the wheat
Golden syrup sea

Crisp, cool air breathing on the crunchy wheat, so golden they look like a sea of liquid sunshine. Crispy leaves falling onto the ground which is slowly hardening from cold, cloudless nights. And finally: juicy, crisp apples, all rosy and perfect because of their natural, homegrown imperfections. They seem to grow in families, dragging their branches down to the ground where the long grass hides dozens of rotting apples that never lived out their life's purpose.

I've started feeling the cold again which always makes me quite sad. My medicine slows down my circulation as well so sometimes I get so cold I get little goosebumps all over, even on my cheeks, until I just look like a big, pale gooseberry.

But when feeling cold and sad, it's important not to dwell on it. Make something warm and happy. Bake a cake.

Parsnip and Maple Syrup Cake

This gorgeous, golden cake is incredibly autumnal, its list of ingredients like a harvest festival collection.

 Parsnips, pecans, apples and oranges, lots of deliciously sweet and runny maple syrup and mixed spices that remind me of Christmas all get mashed together into a big lumpy mess, it looks unappetising but have a little hope.

Then you add an ounce of patience and before you know it, you reap what you have sown and are rewarded with a delicious, moist cake. The brown sugar and maple syrup make a crispy, caramel top covering a springy, textured inside that just tastes of yummy warmth and home comforts.

Squished in the middle is lots of mascarpone cheese mixed with maple syrup. Deliciously indulgent but don't lick out the bowl after you've mixed it, you will feel sick.

This lovely hunk of brown, squishy, sugary goodness reminds me that sometimes the oddest mix of ingredients can make the most delicious desert. Click here for recipe!

I guess similarly in life, the most unconventional and bizarre experiences lead to things you would never imagine.

Autumn is upon us, but maybe change can be good... crisp, golden.
Just have a little hope and a little patience.

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