Saturday, 6 July 2013

We're all going on a cat hunt...

 Time flies. I constantly think about time and how it's running away from me and how, before I know it I will be old and full of regret of all the things I haven't done. 

This morning the sun was shining, this makes me happy. However, because I know sunny days should be happy days, I felt so much pressure to ensure that I have a happy day that I rushed around getting dizzy trying to work out what I should be doing. I concluded that if my dad gave me a lift to Garforth my day would get better. This was stupid as when has going to Garforth ever made anyone happier?

 Once there I freaked out and rang my dad again saying I needed to go home because then I would be happy. Before he even got to me I had rang up again telling him not to bother. Frustrated and confused he came anyway, sat me down and told me what I was going to do that afternoon, to make the most of the day I had already wasted so much of by being stuck in indecision. I was to go to York. He gave me the train fare, plus extra to bring Jack and told us to go to the river and have a good time. That was an order.

It was half 2 by the time we got there but instantly the gorgeous, historic railway station and the buzz of tourists filled me with excitement and a sense of purpose.

First thing first, I was adamant that we fed the ducks at the river as I had never done it.  We walked through the beautiful parks bursting with colour and scattered with happy, pink faces sunbathing and down past the shady, tall trees to the river bank.

the York eye

cute park

evil pigeon spying on us

pretty as a picture

pigeons plotting against us

daisies peeking through the graveyard gates

upside down tree

gangs of geese terrorising the riverbank

There was one duck...
lonely duck, Jerry
nasty goose closing in on him

We fed him anyway and suddenly all the greedy geese swooped in. Before we knew it we were literally being circled by aggressive geese, evilly eyeing my bread rolls up and approaching me at great speed with there heavy wings and thick beaks. To make matters worst, a load of scratty, flappy pigeons joined in, acting all brave and defiant standing behind the wall of strong geese and nicking the bits of bread the geese missed. Fearless birds are a very scary thing. I was walking backwards at great speed trying to escape while pelting bread as far away as possible hoping they'd chase it. People sat on the banks seemed to find the whole thing hilarious, but I knew they wouldn't laugh if I suddenly booted a goose in the face, our only option was to run.

What we needed was some cats...

Cue the greatest thing ever!! The Fabulous York Cat Trail!!!! We picked up the free leaflet in York Glass, home of the lucky York glass cats, these adorable little glass cats in various colours. I already have a lucky glass cat, of course, but if you don't I strongly urge you to get one, as soon as possible!!

The trail has a map and clues leading you to the various cats that have become a part of this historic town, sneaking up the buildings or stalking birds on the rooftops. Some of them are actually really challenging to find and we nearly gave up as we both got incredibly frustrated. But then I walked in to a shop and said, "I know this sounds odd but do you know where the cat is?" and as if I had simply asked what day it was the kind shop owners knew the answer and pointed it out. Here's some of the cute kitty critters to look out for..

this one isn't part of the trail, but an abandoned soft toy

We did the 'kitten trail' as we didn't have much time but are definitely returning to do the 'cat trail' soon. I can't be the only person that gets a thrill when you find something and can tick it off the list and move on to the next one?! It's a great way to see all the little nooks and crannies of this gorgeous town as well and because you have to look upwards to spot the cats you notice intricate carvings and detailed embellishment on the buildings that so often go unnoticed.

I got my dad this cute and perfectly appropriate card to thank him for everything.
'jump in puddles' being a metaphor for being absolutely crazy

Then went home for a BBQ with posh hot dogs...

and just smelly, hot dogs

Considering that this morning I felt like bashing my brains out on the wall because I was so confused with such conflicting feelings as to what counts as a good use of my time, today turned out to be an amazing and very happy day. Time does fly, but it is also important to remember that no matter how long it takes you to find something that makes you happy...

Better late than never.

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