Monday, 3 June 2013

Sunny days

With today being such a beautiful day all I wanted to do was go out and photograph the stunning place where I live. Everything is better in sunshine, fact. The grass is greener! The bees buzzier! The sky bluer! Even the slight wind that blows the flowers and trees make them seem to be dancing, rather than in pain which is how they appear when the sky is grey. Everything is better in the sunshine... except working in the cafe at a public park! With my heart yearning to be out exploring, seeing what beautiful treats I could snatch with my camera, I reluctantly stood behind a till all day, asking people whether they want their coffee black or white.

Working for the council means you come into a vast variety of people from all different backgrounds which is truly interesting and enlightening. Most customers just become the new star in my script of 'Hi there, what can i get you?... Is that black or white? Hot milk or cold? Anything else? You just want to pay at the till, thank you!' But every now and then you get these lovely people who say a few simple words such as 'How are you today?' and it sincerely makes me smile, and not the forced my smile I usually wear for customers - the one that hurts my jaw.

But I'm not about to moan about the trials of working with the public, as this post is a happy post because today the sun had his hat on (so did I as I have to wear a baseball cap to work but again, I'm not going to use this post to moan). Even if I hadn't have been at work, as devastatingly my camera broke while I was travelling, I couldn't have taken photos anyway. So here's some photos from sunny days gone by, and they still make me smile. I guess the point of this post is that the sun makes me smile, so I hope these photo's make you smile too!

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