Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Stop thinking fringes are a good idea

My most recent attempt at a fringe, never again, I promise this time!

Remember when you are little and you have a favourite teddy bear or blanky that you took everywhere and was absolutely precious? I had a bear and a blanky, called Fluff, that I simply could not travel without. You think you grow out of these attachments but I don't think that's actually the case. In reality, poor blanky and bear get replaced, usually by an iPhone. For me, my adult Fluff was my camera. Even though it was just a humble digital camera, none of this fancy SLR business, I just had to take it everywhere! And it served me well I might add. So since it's been broken I have felt rather limp and useless, what's the point in seeing something beautiful if I can't try and get a photo of it!? Luckily I've bought a second hand one off Ebay that's due to arrive tomorrow but until then I wasn't really sure what to write about if I couldn't accompany it with pictures? For me, doing something amazing and exciting is good and all, but it's just not complete if I can't gaze lovingly over photos of it afterwards. I don't trust memories and their foggy haze, twisting and ruining things! I think even if something seems better in your memory than it was in reality, a little bit of you deep, deep down feels guilty at lying to yourself.

Anyway, in this desperate state I have been looking over old photos and can't help but feel sick every time I come across a photo of me. This is because I used to think I suited a fringe.It all started back when I was 9 years old and obsessed with the 'A series of unfortunate events' books, so when the film came out I fell in love with Violet and her thick, full fringe. Once you start a fringe, it's hard to lose it... And so for the next nine years I continued to think a fringe was a good idea! Here's a few horrible photos to show what I mean...

About 6 years ago with a straggly, full fringe

when I used to cut my fringe myself

Uneven fringe, probably cut this myself too

This just reminds me that I lent that top to someone ages ago and never got it back...

Big fat gap fringe

This fringe is so bad it clearly reduced me to tears!
My current full fringe is finally growing out, but while it's in this state of limbo, neither fringe nor non-fringe, it's looking pretty crap. I have been far to exhausted to care about my hair recently so it's been in a messy ponytail with a big scrunchie for about two weeks. When I'm happy I tell myself it looks like Jennifer Lawrence's hair in Silver Linings... but most the time it just looks like a stroppy 5 year old who wont let her mum brush her hair.

Just looking at these photos repulses me. I know it may seem stupid to some, but for me everything in life feels unmanageable and overwhelming enough, if I can't even control a fringe how am I ever going to succeed in anything!? 

This 'Howtobe Happy' tip is more just a personal note to never, ever attempt a fringe again. It's just not worth it. I'm putting it out there in public, so that if I ever say I'm getting a fringe cut in, please, please, I implore you to stop me!

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