Thursday, 13 June 2013

Real therapy vs retail therapy

Today I had an appointment with my new therapist. I accidentally entered the building through the backdoor because a guy exiting held it open for me and I proceeded to wander confusedly around the offices and staff kitchen like a crazy person. But I guess being crazy is allowed here.

She addressed my main issue which is apparently negative thinking and gave me lots and lots of helpful sheets, whilst I just sat there thinking 'this isn't going to work', so maybe she has a point.

Lots of hair twiddling and foot tapping later whilst I quietly agreed with all the stuff she stated about my mind, she finally gave me a 'thought diary' and sent me on my miserable way with a smile.

Confused and a bit down I knew what one thing would make me happy: shopping.

I find it hard to believe that money can't buy happiness sometimes, because buying new things is so uplifting!

Shiny, new... untainted.

My therapist has said we're going to use CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) to address my issues, but this CBT is much better.. Clinique, Bikinis and Tiny shorts...

 Got a free gift set from Clinique! I love the little zip pouch and always love freebies. Retail therapy 1, real therapy 0!

Jack Wills are doing 25% student discount at the moment, I sneakily kept my NUS card so although I'm no student I get the discount, I think I deserve it somehow. Got these cute, little, pink shorts for just over £20!
Retail therapy 2, real therapy 0!

 Bought these two hairbands from Accessorize to take on holiday with me so I don't have to deal with the stress of my fringey bits being curly! Found a gorgeous birthday present for Heather as well... Retail Therapy 3, real therapy 0!

 Wanted a white bikini for ages! Covered in little flowers and gold beads, it's so cute and pretty! And the flowers remind me of butterflies which makes me smile!

 Every time I'm abroad I wish I had an anklet. I usually end up buying one from a little foreign market stall, then they break instantly, so for the first time ever I have planned ahead and bought this! Also, it's blue, I never buy blue things! This anklet has changed my way of thinking! Retail therapy 5, real therapy 0!
 From H&M I got a lovely, long black dress which is all flowy and big so it makes me feel little! Then just before I reached the till, I grabbed this adorable matching underwear set. Pink and frilly, it looks adorable! Unfortunately I think it looks better on Muffin than me...

Catwalk model
 With all these lovely new additions to my life I quickly forgot the therapist's wise words, sorry Liz.

I know the therapy is important and I am going to work hard and do my homework, but until therapy involves pink thrills, blue beads and white flowers, it's definitely not going to replace retail therapy!

Muffin wearing no underwear 
the pretty sky this evening... silver linings

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