Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Pink, chocolatey goodness

I have traveled south many times, and traveled north even more, but this weekend just gone I went somewhere strange and new... the midlands. I went to visit an old, new friend. We met at Sussex and straight away bonded over how much we hated university and how miserable we both were. My memories of being a fresher mainly consist of eating various cakes, sweets and chocolate with Alice while watching every episode of friends as she had them all on DVD. We joked about how the characters of friends were quickly becoming our only friends...

After I dropped out, she dropped out not long after and then we have both been awful at staying in touch so I was thrilled when she invited me to spend the weekend with her. Reminiscing on how much fat and sugar we ate I decided to bake a cake to take as a thank you present!

White chocolate and raspberry layer cake

This was a new recipe for me but it turned out absolutely gorgeous! The white chocolate in the cake is really subtle but compliments the raspberries perfectly! Then the thick, creamy white chocolate ganache smothers it with chocolatey goodness. Best of all, when you stir the raspberries into the cake batter, the juice turns the mixture pink with a marbled effect which looks stunning as well as tasting delicious!

Pink, chocolatey and absolutely scrumptious, this cake was a perfect idea! I enjoyed baking it as it wasn't too complicated, and enjoyed pigging out on it with Alice even more. Recipe here!

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