Wednesday, 5 June 2013


BEE aggressive

Today is a good day. It started off bad as I had a doctor's appointment, which is never a fun experience for me. Then I went to Boots for lunch and they didn't have my favourite and then, for the first time in my life, a bird thought it would be amusing to poop right on my head.

Tired and defeated I dragged myself into the house today, decidedly discontent with everything in sight. But then with pure joy I saw that I had had a package delivered: my new (secondhand) camera! It's identical to the one I so carelessly broke, drunk on sunshine on the Thai islands, which is exactly what I wanted. Straight away I took some photos, of my pets obviously!

You see, this meant a lot to me as I don't have a lot of money at the moment and so as soon as I got home from Thailand, with not a penny left on me and only a tan to show for it, I feared it would be a long time before I had a camera again. I had taken out insurance with a cheap, online company called InsureAndGo. The 'AndGo' is very appropriate as that is clearly exactly what they want you to do once they have your money... go far far away and never contact them again. Maybe if they had been called InsureAndGoButDon'tComeBackWithAClaim I would have looked for a more trusted company. After filling in extensive forms, being asked ridiculous questions and being requested that I send them receipts and manuals and guarantee documents that I didn't even know existed, I finally got some correspondence back off them! A brief letter with a cheque for £60. Sixty pounds. I was so insulted! A part of me would have preferred nothing in a stubborn, proud way.

After doing my own research into the value of my camera, I got up early one morning and decided to ring them up and tell them how it is! They put you on hold repeatedly, saying that they are very busy, but I doubt it. After a long amount of time of listening to mundane music I was delighted to be talking to a real human being who would understand and empathise and tell me that everything was going to be all right. Or not. I won't try and remember the ins and outs of the conversation because it wasn't fun the first time round so no point in reliving it on here. But the point is I had integrity, I was brave and defiant and refused to go down without a fight. I am very proud of myself! In the end, after she tried to get rid of me repeatedly, she finally did admit that a mistake had been made somewhere and I was owed an additional £70. Hurrah! There really is not much better than winning an argument and proving you were right the whole time.

I took my camera straight out with me whilst walking the dogs and got some pictures!

Me holding my old camera to symbolize my new one, which was taking the photo

This photo makes me laugh so much, she looks like she's acting out a death scene

As well as my camera, I had a letter in the post from Northern Rail with a voucher refunding me £23. This is another victorious outcome following an argument with a train conductor, and then the complaints lady and then her boss. In the same fighting spirit, I knew I was being diddled out of my money and I am just pig-sick of companies thinking they can scam money out of people and never pay them back because they think they will give up! Not on my watch Northern Rail!

It just goes to show that although it might seem time-consuming and potentially pointless, never go down without a fight if you think you're being unfairly treated! I am so happy to have such a positive outcome as for years I have found even just returning clothes nerve-wrecking from dread of being told to get lost.

Still annoyed a bird pooed on my head, but perhaps it is good luck after all. I don't know but I bought a lottery ticket just in case!

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