Sunday, 16 June 2013

Daisy lemon cake

Friday night I found myself once again covered in icing sugar at quarter to midnight, eating cake mixture and staring at the oven with anticipation and nervousness. Friday night is quickly becoming mad cake lady night. My parents will come downstairs looking for me and I'll be manically whisking eggs, my whole being subdued by this important procedure, my eyes slowly turning into fried eggs as I watch the mixture turn white and fluffy and a crazy grin spreads across my face...

I had a craving for lemon cake. Usually I'm obsessed with chocolate cake but I had already eaten that at work for lunch so thought i'd try something fruity instead, surely that makes it healthy cake?

I followed this recipe, but replaced the milk with lemon juice. I don't see the point in calling it a lemon cake if you're not going to squeeze as much lemon into the batter as possible?! It's not a milk cake?! Go lemony or go home!

My craziness paid off as the result was insanely tasty! I baked it for the lovely Heather's birthday. We always call her egg and it's a summer birthday so decorating it like a daisy seemed perfect as it's pretty and girly, but also reminds you of a fried egg! Obviously cutting it into a flower was all for aesthetics and not at all so I could eat all the little triangles I cut off... they were just a tasty by-product of the beauty.

It being this shape actually made it easier to share as we cut the petals off as little portions and I think lemon cake is a bit more addictive than chocolate cake as it doesn't feel stodgy or heavy, perfect for when you're drinking lots of alcohol and have eaten far too much pizza.

Next time though I would use red food colouring to decorate as the green was a bit dodgy. Oh well, live and learn.

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