Saturday, 1 June 2013

Unexpected Kittens

When I first returned home from University I had had the worst week of my life. Becoming a University dropout, being dumped by my boyfriend and having my drink spiked... fair to say it wasn't the best of weeks. But on the Sunday the sun finally came out again and so we took my two dogs for a long walk in the countryside. Pacing along the dusty tractor track my mind was swimming in negative thoughts and intense moroseness. Suddenly my youngest dog, Ruby, begins sniffing at something in the hedgerow, and despite our best efforts she would not leave it. Assuming it to be a dead bird or baby rabbit we tried to pull her away, when to everyone's surprise we spot a kitten!? Carefully untangling him from the knotty thorns I held his tiny body, he must have been less than 4 weeks old. We had no idea how he got there or how long he had been there, but he was clearly dehydrated and starving. Carefully pouring some water into the dip of my palm, we pushed this towards him and he began drink, desperately thirsty. Now, I am a complete sucker for cats, I just love them to bits, and this kitten was beyond adorable. We took him home and made up a hot water bottle for him to keep warm. My parents rushed out to get some kitten milk and kitten food and when we fed him he ate until his stomach bloated like a fuzzy balloon. He became instantly attached to us and started crying if no one was sat with him in the little corner we set up for him...

We rang round some of the farmhouses near where we found the kitten and thankfully one of them said that they did have a barn cat who had recently given birth to kittens. Where we found the kitten was miles away from this barn so we still have no idea how he ended up so far away but it really is a miracle we found him, if we hadn't he'd undoubtedly be dead now. This feeling that his whole life had depended upon us finding him, which meant it depended upon us deciding to take the dogs for a long walk, which we might have never done had I not of come home from University... I'm not sure I believe in fate, or that everything happens for a reason, but this experience really did show me that even when you feel completely useless and as if everything is rubbish, you never know what's around the corner, it might even be a baby kitten. 

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