Sunday, 2 June 2013

A lovely day at Robin Hood's Bay

Two of the tops tips given for dealing with depression are to "aim for 30 minutes of exercise per day" and also to "Try to keep up with social activities even if you don’t feel like it" ( That 'even if you don't feel like it' is quite an understatement. Sometimes going out and socialising, even with my closest friends who are amazing, is incredibly difficult. My head manages to create dozens of reasons why leaving the house would be a bad idea and my limbs go all weak and fatigued, convincing me that I'm too tired to socialise. But my parents are very supportive,to the point of being pushy, and always persuade me to go out.

Back in January, when I was at my worst, I knew that my friends were all going out in the evening and so my parents drove us to the seaside for me to get some exercise and fresh air, hoping it would encourage me to go out. 

Robin Hood's Bay is a darling, little seaside town that sinks down a steep hill into a little bay full of seaweed and stone. Each step further down the hill feels like another step back in time, with cobbled streets and old-fashioned lamp posts. The beach certainly isn't glamourous but full of character, the air feels clean with a salty mist that seems to cleanse your skin. Not much in the world clears my mind like the ebb and flow of a frothy, wild sea, bringing in foreign driftwood and ragged seaweed, stealing away the pebbles and stones that make a gorgeous clicking noise, stumbling over each other as they're sucked in.

The dogs go wild with glee, paddling in the rock pools and ripping seaweed to shreds as they skip along the sand. Watching their happy, carefree games would make anyone smile. I adore this town, frozen in time and seeping mystery from its old, misshapen houses which are crammed in the streets like the wonky teeth on my bottom jaw. I got some pictures of the windswept beach. I know it doesn't look beautiful but the pictures alone can't portray the intrinsic charm of this amazing haven.

It's funny how the simplest things in life are the ones that make you happiest. Sometimes everything in life is so technologically advanced and complicated that it's overwhelming. After this lovely day I felt quite content and calm and actually wanted to go out and see my friends and get all dressed up. This was a good day.
Happy to be out :)

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